Under the Spotlight: Awareness and Innovation to Take Centre Stage at Scotland’s Largest Annual Cybersecurity Awareness Event

Increase Your Skills will be making their inaugural appearance at Scotland’s largest annual cybersecurity awareness event, taking place between 22nd and 28th February 2021. As part of the event, the company will be hosting a live web seminar on Friday 26th February providing insights into one of the most critical issues facing the cybersecurity industry today — the continuing rise of phishing attacks. 

The talk takes place on Friday 26th February at 10.00 am GMT and is entitled; “Armed and Ready: How a Phishing Simulation Can Expose the Security Gaps Within Your Company”. It invites participants into the cybercriminal mind and to understand the fundamentals of how they orchestrate phishing attacks. This talk will cover the social engineering techniques used by attackers, how one successfully identifies a phishing email, and how using live simulation tests can drastically reduce a successful phishing attack’s likeliness.

“No one anticipates that they will be the one exploited by cybercriminals into giving access to their company’s sensitive information”, explained Aramís Concepción Durán, company Software Developer and one of the speakers at the event. “The truth is phishing attacks are getting more sophisticated and more targeted. It is safe to say we are no longer living in the age of the ‘Nigerian Prince’ anymore”, Aramís continued.

The significant rise in cyberattacks in response to the COVID-19 pandemic highlights the need for companies to reassess their internal security practises and ensure they have initiated robust awareness training for employees. With an increase of 667% in phishing scams in one month alone during the COVID-19 pandemic, now more than ever, organisations need to be assessing how prepared their employees are in preventing successful attacks.

“Without giving too much away, I think viewers will be interested in seeing what we have developed to help organisations fully prepare their employees for a genuine phishing attack and look forward to sharing this with the people of Scotland”, Aramís concluded.

The annual event seeks to bring together industry leaders, specialists, and the wider general public to discuss the current developments facing the cybersecurity industry and showcasing new, innovative awareness-raising products. The week-long event combines workshops, talks and web seminars that will analyse how we all can help combat one of the greatest threats facing organisations today, whilst also seeking to inspire the next generation of cyber specialists.

“We are delighted to be taking part in Cyber Scotland Week and thank the organisers for letting us be part of the event,” said Tomas Edwards, company Language Specialist and speaker at the event. “Not only is it important for us to share knowledge and insight within our community, but events such as this allow us to highlight the significance of cyber awareness to those who are not specialists, in an accessible and tangible way.”

Following the success of last year’s event, this year continues to pursue its central aims; to protect individuals by improving cyber resilience knowledge and awareness, demonstrate and showcase innovation within the field, and finally promote skills and careers to encourage the next generation of cybersecurity experts.

For more information on the event or to find out how you can get involved, visit the Cyber Scotland Week website at www.cyberscotlandweek.com.

Über die Increase Your Skills GmbH

Increase Your Skills GmbH is a German company based in Leipzig, offering a full-service awareness platform and consulting service concerning information security and data protection. Established in 2017, they have quickly become a key player in the information security market, whilst ranking as one of the top 100 fastest growing start-ups in Germany in 2020. Operating with their unique, interactive e-learning platform, they are dedicated to providing informative and engaging courses to educate companies and their employees on preventing, detecting and responding to cyberattacks.

For more information on the Phishing Attack Simulator, to view other available courses, or to discuss your companies requirements with a specialist, please visit https://increaseyourskills.com/ email info@increaseyourskills.com; or call +49 341 249 116 71.

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