Why we need a crypto mining congress

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Congresses and trade fairs on various topics are held all over the world, but until now cryptocurrencies have been neglected. The last, themed congress in the field of cryptos took place in spring this year as part of the Bitcoin Conference 2022 in Miami. So far, however, there has been no trade fair or congress specifically for the topic of crypto mining, despite the global activities in this area.In this article you will find out why a mining congress would be a great idea and what opportunities it would offer.

Just imagine producers of hardware and end users of these (those who do mining) as well as big names from the investment scene meet at an impressive location to exhibit devices, talk shop about the latest trends and present successfully running projects.

For example, it is conceivable that founders of mining farms could receive attention and thereby attract investors who share the costs of the setup and in return receive a small share of the profits.It would also be possible to inspect devices directly on site and to get your own impression of the carrying capacity of the noise level, which is generated by the special computer during operation. In this context, a representation of Bitmain with the Antminer series or Ebang with the Ebit Miners would be conceivable.

Certainly there would be some visitors who would not be averse to the topic of mining, but who would have to convince themselves of everything live in order to discover their enthusiasm for it. There would also be the opportunity to exchange for people who are already active in mining – mostly crypto mining is something that everyone does for themselves and rather quietly, unless he or she is affiliated with a mining pool. In normal everyday life there are hardly any like-minded people with whom you can compare results and exchange ideas, questions or fun facts, since Bitcoin Mining & Co. is still pushed into the corner of technology freaks or criticized for high power consumption.

The keyword power consumption is also a good approach: in the course of a mining congress, producers of alternative energies would be given the opportunity to use the latter as a platform to win smaller or larger new customers. Perhaps it would even be conceivable that the founders of the individual cryptocurrencies would be represented on site to win followers for mining their coins. It would certainly not bother anyone that no representative of Bitcoin was present because they still want to remain anonymous, just like the blockchain processes of their ingenious invention.

Ultimately, all you would need is a hip and interesting location where the congress could take place once a year. Places like Dubai, Frankfurt or Los Angeles would be conceivable, or more exotic places like Hawaii, Panama City or El Salvador, with Nayib Bukele as patron. He could report on the progress of his planned bitcoin mining project on the Conchagua volcano and whether the geothermal energy can really be used to supply electricity for the operation of the mining farm. In short: It would be a great opportunity for all actors involved to get a platform for exchange and to be able to create new synergies around the topic of crypto mining together!

Über die Smart IT Alliance GmbH

Smart IT Alliance GmbH, specializing in the delivery of crypto mining hardware and crypto mining farms, inspires its customers with well thought-out system configurations, power and heat concepts, IT security, professionals for implementation and exceptionally fast deliveries. By operating our own crypto mining farms, countless miner configurations have already been tested, problems solved and ideal implementations for all possible variants tested live.

Customers often approach Smart IT Alliance GmbH with a request to design and implement a coherent overall concept – from bare ground or even without a suitable property for the mining farm. Anyone who is allowed to become a customer of Smart IT Alliance GmbH can enjoy indescribably close customer loyalty, full service, special offers and lightning-fast implementation. A separate subsidiary was founded in Hong Kong with on-site employees just for the faster implementation of deliveries from Asia.

The most important point in the overall approach of Smart IT Alliance GmbH is that not only the one delivery but the overall concept is seen and always kept in mind for each customer. Otherwise, the miners cannot be connected in the office, warehouse or new mining farm because the power connection is not sufficient for the high permanent load, the heat cannot be transported away, IT security is not given, the noise was ignored or or or .

And so that the tax KO blow does not come later, Smart IT Alliance GmbH strongly recommends that every customer bring the most experienced tax and corporate law expert, Mr. Thomas Breit, on board right from the start.

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