Solutions for Surveillance Systems

Modern surveillance systems are fundamentally different from the analog systems of the past. Digitization and IoT are leading to ever-increasing demands on the throughput, storage and retrieval of monitoring data. At the same time, the stability of data recording must be guaranteed at all times. Smart cities are another large market for IoT monitoring. Typical surveillance system applications include network-attached storagesNAS), network video recorders (NVR), and digital video recorders (DVR).

Cameras are not only used for basic security measures, but can also be used for traffic flow systems, facial recognition and emergency prevention. In this context, the edge devices must provide the necessary performance for data analysis. The use of SSDs for surveillance applications has historically been rejected due to fears of low mean time between failures (MTBF) and high cost. In the early days of SSD technology, these were relevant concerns, but with proper optimization, these issues can be efficiently addressed. The new SSD solutions can be more cost-effective comparing to HDDs

Innodisk offers storage solutions with high capacities and high speeds. With the InnoRECTM feature set, the firmware is optimized to ensure sustained and stable write performance and to not compromise data quality. The number of devices in the edge are increasing. This increases the need for timely maintenance and management of the built-in solid-state drives and other components. With iCAPTM, users can monitor each connected device and schedule maintenance so that resources needed elsewhere are not consumed. With limited space and simultaneous read/write operations, fast and compact storage solutions are essential. The Very Low Profile (VLP) and Mini DRAM modules combine small form factors with high performance to ensure smooth data recording.

PoE (Power over Ethernet) is ideal for use in surveillance systems because both the data signal and power supply travel over the same wire. PoE makes it easy to connect cameras and other devices to the main system while keeping cabling to a minimum. Innodisk’s PoE expansion cards also offer galvanic isolation and are suitable for harsh environments.

Application areas in surveillance include drones, smart cities, traffic, transportation and security. These have very different requirements for the systems used.

Innodisk offers various approaches to solutions in the field of surveillance systems. InnoRECTM is a proprietary flash feature set designed specifically for surveillance applications. By integrating firmware and hardware, it meets the speed and constant performance required by modern surveillance solutions. The patented iDataGuard data management system ensures the integrity of surveillance data during and after unexpected power outages. RECLineTM is a video recording firmware algorithm that ensures consistent performance without image loss. It does so by solving the inherent data write and erase problems of SSDs by avoiding any interruption in data recording through optimization of the firmware function. In the event of sudden power failures, iCell prevents the loss of valuable surveillance data by erasing the data from volatile memory. With the help of the thermal sensor, a warning is immediately issued when the monitoring system threatens to overheat. The SSD automatically adjusts the transfer frequency to ensure continuous performance and reliability. Quick Erase can erase all data within seconds, preventing the loss of potentially sensitive data. Each SSD features passive cooling. Here, the SSD layout is designed for maximum heat dissipation, ensuring performance and improved data retention. The iCAPTM management platform with browser access monitors the status of SSDs, storage and other components in the Edge. It does this by collecting data from all connected devices and storing it on a central server, either in the cloud or on a local intranet. From here, the data is easily accessible from any cell phone, pad or laptop with access to the network. Each new device can be added and managed separately, and any problem can be located and dealt with.

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