Mother Earth Calls „Let’s Go Back to Our Village“

Land investment, which has started to attract more attention from housing among real estate, shows that the number of people who prefer to stay away from city life has increased. Even if there is no long-term stay, people prefer to buy a small plot from the country side, at least on weekends, to get away from the crowd of the city, to experience the natural life, and even to deal with small gardening. At the same time, the land, which is one of the safest investment forms, can be found easily according to every budget. Let’s take a look at why land is important and what you need to be careful about in land selection according to your investment plan;

Owning a piece of land allows the person to feel at peace both materially and spiritually. Soil is the most precious part of the earth we live on. As long as you cherish it, it will give you fruit. This is why people whose retirement is approaching increase their curiosity and interest in the land. It doesn’t matter whether it’s called a plot, a field, a vineyard, a garden or an olive grove. A small piece of land reminds a person of where he belongs.

Whether it is small, large or what it will be used for, if you plan to buy land, it is very important not to rush first, to have a good research on the location, shape, squaremeter, price of the soil and how it can be transformed in the future and to get ideas from experts in this field to make a healthy investment.

Land selection affects the profit ability rate considerably. In this respect, the location of the land, which is considered as an investment, should be determined carefully during the selection phase. While some investors multiply the money they pay for the land in a very short time, some investors may have to wait longer. For this reason, it is important to see ahead in land selection and purchase.

If you do not plan to use your land investment to sell it in the long term, you can cultivate or lease the land. For example, as agricultural activities in Alanya and its surroundings gain importance everyday, you can evaluate your investment like a working iron. The land takes labor, and the more you give it to it, the more it will grant you.

Regardless of its nature, you will need to consider this and many other points if you plan to purchase a land. Land investment made with good planning will definitely contribute to your economy in the short and long term, no matter what purpose it is used for.

Über NAZAR Emlak Real Estate

The real estate industry is very important and is one of the first steps you take to change your life. Buying a house, buying land or real estate are serious business and require trust. With our 20 years of experience in this sector and our focus on customer satisfaction, we have advanced with confident steps in the service sector with our well-equipped team that will allow you to own property.

Nazar Real Estate, with 20 years of experience, is the first name that comes to mind when we speak of real estate in Alanya. Nazar Real Estate allows you to quickly get a profitable result in rental, consultancy, investment consultancy, house or land as real estate purchases and sales in Alanya Region.

Nazar Emlak Hasan CEVKIROĞLU is a real estate company that has been working successfully since 2001 with a high portfolio of customer satisfaction in real estate trade such as home, land, workplace in Alanya real estate sector. He was selected as the most successful real estate by receiving the 2011 Finansbank real estate offices award in Antalya Region. When it comes to real estate in Alanya, Nazar Real Estate!

If you want to work with a professional and expert company in your real estate investments which guide your trade and in that every step is vital, Nazar Real Estate is at your service. We are waiting for you to ensure that you get real value results in your real estate purchases and sales in Alanya. As a result of the professional work of our company, you will see the difference in working with us in our support of interest rates in our loan sales with our contracted banks.

We offer a healthy trade quickly by bringing the most suitable options for your needs from our website. You can complete your real estate needs in Alanya quickly and with high satisfaction by visiting our website for all your real estate requests and searches for Alanya. You can sell or rent your land, workplace, house, villa real estates that you want to sell or rent, at the value you want, by presenting it to the buyers on our site.

Nazar Estate was chosen as the most successful real estate agent of 2011 Hasan Cevkiroğlu, the owner of Alanya Nazar Real Estate, received the 2010-2011 real estate offices award organized by Finansbank. Chosen as the most successful real estate agent in the region by Finansbank, Cevkiroğlu received his award at the invitationwhich was held at the Crown Hotel in Ankara. Cevkiroğlu, who connects the decrease in loan housing sales in Alanya in the last quarter of 2011 to the increase in the required reserve ratios of the banks, stated that Alanya real estate sales will be dynamic in the first months of 2012.

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