Diverse and reliable assembly processes in development and production

Finetech’s FINEPLACER® pico ma is a true laboratory die bonder with the virtues of a production system. A virtually unlimited range of functions, highly stable processes and up to 3 µm placement accuracy make the die bonder a cost-performance-leader.

Around the world, the FINEPLACER® pico ma is the epitome of a flexible placement and die bonding system for demanding assembly tasks in prototyping, small series production, R&D labs and university purposes.

Thanks to its modular system architecture, the tabletop die bonder can be configured for a wide range of bonding technologies and applications. To meet new requirements, the system can be retrofitted and upgraded throughout its service life. With a FINEPLACER® pico ma die bonder you never have to settle and are well prepared for all eventualities.

Add to this the open, unobstructed design. Use all the freedom of the generous working area for precision assembly on particularly large substrates or expand the die bonding system with third-party functionalities. Your die bonder is capable of growing with your requirements and supports you in creative process design at all times.

With the virtues of a production die bonder

The FINEPLACER® pico ma combines this flexibility with the virtues of a genuine production die bonder. Despite manual process control, the FINEPLACER® pico ma die bonder stands for reproducibility and a high yield. Thanks to the high rigidity of the machine design and the high-resolution vision alignment system with fixed beam splitter, you always hit the target. In addition, all process modules and parameters such as temperature, time, force, flow and illumination are centrally controlled via the operating software. The integrated process management makes it particularly easy for you to focus on the core tasks in application development, to work in a structured manner and to minimize operating errors.

Whether in R&D or small volume production – the FINEPLACER® pico ma die bonder always gets straight to the point. Despite full access to all process parameters, the short setup and changeover times and the intuitive process creation save you valuable minutes of lab time every day, especially with frequently changing applications, and ensure high throughput. Numerous options for process traceability and documentation ensure common quality standards and support easy editing.

Higher placement accuracy on request

For working with particularly demanding product designs and assembly processes, the FINEPLACER® pico ma die bonder is also available with a placement accuracy of 3 µm instead of the usual 5 µm via the optionally available Zoom-Opticsplus.

Especially if you frequently work within very tight tolerances, the increased placement accuracy enables an extended process window and ensures more process reliability and yield. Thanks to the higher resolution, you can see alignment structures even more clearly and get more informative value in process documentation and in the evaluation of materials and surfaces. You have more leeway in process design and open up additional applications. Last but not least, you need to recalibrate the alignment accuracy of your die bonder less often and save further laboratory and development time.


With its economical operation, application flexibility as well as technological and functional diversity, the FINEPLACER® pico ma die bonder offers an outstanding return on investment. Thanks to its high process reproducibility in combination with the benefits of an optionally increased placement accuracy of up to 3 µm, the system can cover even demanding production tasks in addition to its traditional home in the R&D lab, as long as smaller quantities are manufactured and the switch to Finetech’s fully automated solutions for high-volume production would be too early.


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